Slides Online

Tom Hukins tom at
Mon Mar 27 14:22:44 PST 2006

Thanks for your patience.  I've finally got round to putting the
slides from almost two weeks ago online:

And I've summarised my thoughts on the meeting:

In my defence, I've been busy.  Not just busy drinking, although I
feel I deserve a Proud Perch loyalty card.

So, who wants to give a talk next time?  If you don't feel up to the
full 20-30 minute slot, or if you have something you want to talk
about briefly, feel free to suggest a 5 minute lightning talk.
Lightning talks don't even need to be about Perl, provided they have
something to interest our audience.

If you would like any help or advice with your talk, please ask me in
person, on the list or on IRC.

Let's see if we can get enough material together to hold more talks in
May or June.


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