CPAN install nightmare

Ian Cameron I.A.Cameron at
Mon Mar 27 12:27:01 PST 2006


I'm trying to install Connotea on a machine 
here at work for someone, and am having a bit of a problem with the stuff CPAN 
has installed.

I basically followed the instructions on the above page to install the various 
required modules.  This seemed to be OK, but I'm now finding that I have a 
perl executable in both /usr/bin and /usr/local/bin.  This wouldn't be too 
bad, but some of the installed modules seem to have installed under 
/usr/lib/perl5 and others under /usr/local/lib/perl5.

I'm rather confused, and not sure where to go from here.  Can modules 
installed under each setup be used together, and if so how?  The new perl is 
the one in /usr/local/bin, which is 5.8.8, the one in /usr/bin is 5.8.5 and 
came via the RHEL RPM's.  I presume the 5.8.8 version was installed to satisfy 
a dependency when I installed one of the other modules.

How is the location of installed modules decided, and how does Perl know where 
to look for them?



Cheers, Ian.

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