Meeting: Tuesday 27th June 2006

Tom Hukins tom at
Thu Jun 22 09:54:47 PDT 2006

It's almost the last Tuesday of the month, so it's time for another

This time we're NOT meeting at Wetherspoon's.  We're going to sit
outside by the canal instead:

If you'd like to come along but need a lift to get there, please post
to the list.  If you've never been before, you should recognise us
easily enough, but ask for my mobile number off-list if you like.

We usually end up discussing Perl and other related things, then drift
off into, well, almost anything.

I expect people will start to show up around 7.30.  I might show up
earlier if it's sunny (which, of course, it will be).

Also, registration has opened for YAPC::Europe, and we have a good
selection of talks to look forward to:

See you soon,

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