Paul Mooney pjm at sanger.ac.uk
Thu Jun 22 02:31:44 PDT 2006

On 22 Jun 2006, at 09:59, Tom Hukins wrote:
> In the mean time, does anyone else have anything they would like to
> talk about?  Or anything they would like to hear a talk on?

I'd love to hear a talk on;

* CGI::Ajax

* Perl inside Postgresql;

I think it would be great for people to suggest topics they'd be  
interested in hearing about. Volunteers could pick one they fancy and  
learn about it. They then present their findings to the group at the  
next technical meeting. Its more than 2 months away so you have enough  
time to learn the basics and figure out the pros and cons. Also the  
chances are one of us may already know the topic...


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