Planning a Technical Meeting

Nigel Titley nigel at
Wed Feb 1 07:35:33 PST 2006

Tom Hukins wrote:

>Hi all,
>Firstly, a quick report on last Thursday's pub meeting.  We had an
>interesting chat over a few beers, and some of us had curry.
>We've talked before about a technical meeting where some of us give
>talks about what we've done with Perl.  SpiraHellic Multimedia have
>offered to let us use their meeting room, which is nice and cosy and
>has a large screen TV for presentations:
>I suggest we hold technical meetings every two months on the second
>Tuesday of the month starting at 7pm.  Does this sound good?  Does
>this cause problems for anyone?  I plan to hold the first meeting on
>14th March.
Sounds great.

>We already have a few potential speakers lined up, but don't feel shy
>about putting yourself forward. :)
>Finally, what would you like to hear talks about?  Maybe someone on
>the list could tell us about something we're interested in; maybe we
>could persuade a guest speaker to attend.
I'd be interested if anyone can give a talk on designing using AJAX 
principles. I'm reading up, but finding it a bit hard going at  times.


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