Planning a Technical Meeting

Tom Hukins tom at
Wed Feb 1 02:50:02 PST 2006

Hi all,

Firstly, a quick report on last Thursday's pub meeting.  We had an
interesting chat over a few beers, and some of us had curry.

We've talked before about a technical meeting where some of us give
talks about what we've done with Perl.  SpiraHellic Multimedia have
offered to let us use their meeting room, which is nice and cosy and
has a large screen TV for presentations:

I suggest we hold technical meetings every two months on the second
Tuesday of the month starting at 7pm.  Does this sound good?  Does
this cause problems for anyone?  I plan to hold the first meeting on
14th March.

We already have a few potential speakers lined up, but don't feel shy
about putting yourself forward. :)

Finally, what would you like to hear talks about?  Maybe someone on
the list could tell us about something we're interested in; maybe we
could persuade a guest speaker to attend.


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