Nik Clayton nik at
Tue Oct 18 04:58:01 PDT 2005

I'll hang my intro off here, since I can answer the question too.  But
before I get there...

I'm based in Westcroft, MK, and work for Citigroup, doing my share of the
engineering work on their e-mail backbone.  It's mostly remote working, so
it's not a bad life :-)

I've been using Perl for donkey's years, and have a couple of CPAN modules
and other bits and pieces to my name, which can be seen at

I know Tom's got a meeting planned for the evening of the 27th.  How do
people feel about occasional lunch time get togethers?  With two children
making evening events can be tricky, but lunches are much easier.

> I'll start with a question however (OT) - I am looking for reliable
> linux hosting - where I have full root control (running mod_perl
> website). Anyone have experiences to share ?. My current hosting
> package is a shared host, no compiler,  - not easy to install from CPAN.

I use JohnCompanies ( and have very few quibbles
with them.


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