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Fri Oct 14 11:11:06 PDT 2005

Yep I think that was the first post.  So I'll claim second.

/waves back/

I live in Milton Keynes, I work as the bioinformatician for the HUGO Gene
Nomenclature comittee (HGNC).  I'm the only programmer in the group and
hence the team jack O trades (data munging/mining, CGI, database, tech
support etc etc).

The office is in London but I only visit once a week and work from home
the rest of the time which makes for a nice lifestyle (think of all that
time I save not having to get dressed in the morning __and__ undressed in
the Evening)

My YAPC number is 4 (all European starting with Munich)


Michael John Lush PhD			Tel:44-20-7679-5027
Nomenclature Bioinformatician		Fax:44-20-7387-3496
HUGO Gene Nomenclature Committee	Email:  nome at
The Galton Laboratory
University College London, UK

On Fri, 14 Oct 2005, Dave Evans wrote:
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> /me waves to whoever reads the archives
> Hello, I live in Bedford and work in Milton Keynes.  My tool of choice
> is Perl, for pretty much any task going. :-)  I tried to learn Python
> once, and wasn't too bad at it IMO, but my main problem was finding
> things to *do* with Python, since I always wanted to use Perl instead.
> As for my level of expertise ... well I've hacked on one or two XS
> modules, so I'm not really into Perl's C guts that much, but I'm quite
> fond of all sorts of other tricks in Perl-land (mucking around with the
> symbol table, etc).
> Obligatory list of links:
> me:
> employer:
> some examples of some of my coding, for the over-curious:
>   :-)
> By the way - first post?
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