Tom Hukins tom at
Mon Dec 12 14:02:09 PST 2005

Hi all,

At our November meeting, we decided not to meet at the end of December
as we'll all find ourselves occupied by other things.

So, we will have our next scheduled meeting on Thursday 26th January.
I've updated the Web page accordingly.

Four of us showed up in November:  we had a few interesting
discussions and managed to go home at a sensible time despite the
extended opening hours.

Also, three of us showed up for the London Perl Workshop, which
provided great value for money.  Not only did we hear lots of
interesting talks for free, but Fotango put some money behind the bar

In the mean time, if anyone feels like having lunch or holding an
unscheduled meeting for any other reason, let us know.  From past
experience, I suspect a few of us will show up.  Also, feel free to
use this mailing list and our IRC channel for anything else that seems
vaguely appropriate.

I hope you all have a pleasant break over Christmas and the New Year,
and I hope the lack of daylight doesn't make you feel as sleepy as I


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