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Pradeep Pant pp at ockham.be
Sun Jul 28 22:35:01 PDT 2013

Nice job Abhi  .. great start. Thanks for sparing time to do this task. I
will test a bit more in coming days and will share my feedback. I will also
fork git repo and will try to contribute.

I think you can move it to main site.





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Good job Abhishek. It looks fine. We'll see how can we improve it.


On Sun, Jul 28, 2013 at 12:09 AM, abhishek jain <abhishek.netjain at gmail.com>

Hi Friends,


This Saturday, I worked to bring the first version of Delhi.pm, which
temporarily  I have hosted on http://delhi.perl.org.in/ ,

If some of you agree I  can move to http://delhi.pm.org now or may be after
some more changes, what do you suggest??


This is made using our very own perl - Catalyst.



-          A page for all mongers like :

-          List of members: http://delhi.perl.org.in/delhi/members 

-          Post Job - very crude at this stage - though could have used
jobs.perl.org .



-          A lot actually 

o   Member detail page be editable after login.

o   Better Theme,

o   More content

o   Some common RSS feeds display page

o   CPAN Contributions page

o   List of books on perl

o   Please list.



The source code is available on https://github.com/abhishekj/delhipm  .


PS: Please this is not even a day's work so one can find a lot of errors,
please pass on all errors to me. If someone want to contribute please let me
know, I will give access to git repo.


Some Credits to London.pm as I copied some bits from there, but this version
is not as clean as theirs.






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Yes .. more fields like company name, location and other details can be
added. I will give edit right so that you and other can edit it or let me
know fields so that I will add them.

will be great if we get src of web site.


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Hi Pradeep,

I feel more fields  need to added there, may be a textarea field,

If someone want to create a page on http://delhi.pm.org/wiki.pl/HomePage
where replacing HomePage with  that of their name, please either mail the
content to me or please someone or Pradeep volunteer to create such a form.

I am looking to fill in the PerlShop page, so any guy wanted to put in their
companies info their please let me know,

And yes, I sometime back created a catalyst website for delhi.pm I will dig
in and  share the code on github in a few odd days and then if someone wants
to build on it, it will be appreciated and when approved by you guys we can
host on delhi.pm .




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We can use this one


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Yes. We need to work on it. Delhi.pm meeting is pending for along time.

Chankey you can make a online fill-in form which you can pass to the grp,
interested active members can fill details like phone no, email etc.


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Hi guys,

I see this group is inactive. We recently saw Bangalore.pm reviving and
last week they had a meetup at Yahoo Bangalore and they have already
started planning for YAPC::IN.

This is the time when we should get active and start planning for a meetup
in Delhi.

Please ask your fellow Perl developers to join this mailing list. I'll be
setting up groups on meetup, linkedin etc.

We can have a G+ hangout also.

Please respond to this email so that we can see how many guys are active

Chankey Pathak



Chankey Pathak <http://www.linuxstall.com> 

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