[Columbus-pm] Perl presence on Ohio LinuxFest 2010, Sept 10-12

Gabor Szabo szabgab at gmail.com
Wed Jun 2 01:22:43 PDT 2010


you might or might not know that I am trying to organize Perl
presence on various non-Perl events. There is a whole
"Perl events group" with mailing list and a few pages on the TPF wiki.
See http://www.perlfoundation.org/perl5/index.cgi?events

So far we participated in 2 events in Europe, the 3rd will be
next week. You can see reports and pictures linked from the
events page above.

A few days ago Heath mentioned the Ohio LinuxFest so I
checked out their web site. There is a possibility to setup a
Perl booth (they call them exhibits) and to give Perl talks.
I think such non-Perl events are great opportunities to promote
Perl or Perl based projects.
As a comparison: YAPC::NA 192 committed participants and 266 registered.
On the LinuxFest there were 1,300 people last year.


The strategy on these events is to both submit Perl related talks
and to setup a Perl booth that makes it easy to talk to people.

I'll be at YAPC::NA and I'd be glad to talk to you about our
experience in other events but as the dead-line for talk submission
is June 30, 2010 it would be better if those interested at least
though over what talk they might offer.

As I can understand entrance to the LinuxFest is free of charge.

For setting up a booth there are some expenses such as
 - registration for the table is $75
 - conference swag

As I am trying to get a budget for the ongoing efforts for this from TPF
I'll try to get those expenses covered and even get you a nice
Perl::Staff polo-shirt for each one of the participants.

If you have any question, I'd be happy to answer by mail as well,
even before we meet on YAPC::NA.

ps. the page http://columbus.pm.org/list has a bunch of spam in it.

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