[Cleveland-pm] Cleveland Perl Revival

Adam M Dutko adam at oktud.com
Thu Oct 17 19:37:21 PDT 2013

Greetings folks! We have a meetup group at our disposal:


and a new website:


I posted a survey question a few weeks ago asking whether folks prefer 
a virtual or "meat-space" style meetup. It seems many folks are quite 
busy and prefer "virtual meetings."

I prefer meeting in person and hope we can figure something out to 
balance the desires of everyone in the group.

If you've not visited our site lately then please take a moment to 
check it out by navigating to http://cleveland.pm.org. The site is built 
using the modern Perl web framework called Mojolicous and the site 
contents are available on Github.

If anyone has an idea for a meeting topic please chime in. I would like 
to try a monthly in person meetup but it seems the Lakewood library was 
not a good choice. I asked Lean Dog about meeting on the boat but 
haven't heard a yay or nay.

If you have an idea for a place to meet then please post it to the 

I realize we're going into the holiday season but I'd like to try to 
schedule a meetup in November but need to know ...

1) a topic
2) a location
3) a date and time.


Enjoy Life!


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