[Chicago-talk] Meetings for August

Doug Bell madcityzen at gmail.com
Wed Aug 7 10:34:58 PDT 2013

With the project night change from Thursday to Wednesday, we've got a
bit of an odd schedule this month:

Wednesday, August 14: Workshop Planning Meeting. This replaces our
usual project night, and is for anyone interested in helping to plan a
one-day Perl workshop in Chicago.

Thursday, August 22: Presentation. I'm throwing my hat into the ring
this month. I've got quite a few presentations that are basically
ready, so if anyone has a preference, let me know:

1) Building Mojolicious Apps with Angular and Bootstrap
2) Testing with Perl (Test::More, Test::Deep, Test::Differences,
Test::Exception, Test::Class::Moose)
3) Basic Shell Essentials (the basics of how to use a shell to get things done)
4) Perl as a Shell Tool (Perl one-liners)
5) Working with CPAN (consuming and publishing)

If there is no other preference, I'll go with number 1.

Doug Bell
madcityzen at gmail.com

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