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On Oct 25, 2012, at 5:23 PM, Jay Hannah <jay.hannah at iinteractive.com> 

> [Full disclosure: In addition to being the Omaha.pm group leader for 10 
years now, I am also an Infinity Interactive employee nowadays.]
> Hello,
> Infinity Interactive (the Moose cabal, among other things) is putting 
together an east coast training tour for 2013. One day, intensive hands-on 
training on Modern Perl, Moose, etc, with the guys who wrote the actual 
> I'm bummed out that the current plan is east coast big city only. I'd 
love to see the tour also come to the midwest!
> Do you or your company have a Perl training budget for 2013? If we can 
get II folks sponsored in your city then I believe they also do low cost 
(free?) presentations to the local Perl Monger group.
> If you deem this appropriate could you please forward to your mailing 
list? I'm fishing for interest.
> I'd love to get these guys out here to the midwest, especially for folks 
that don't make it out to YAPC and other Perl events.
> (BTW, if you're not familiar with Infinity, our site at 
http://iinteractive.github.com/summarizes a lot of the Open Source/Free 
Software work we've done and our other community contributions.)
> Thanks for your time,
> Jay Hannah
> Omaha.pm
> 402-598-7782
> http://iinteractive.github.com/

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