[Chicago-talk] Mechanical Turk

Michael Potter michael at potter.name
Thu Sep 15 08:18:16 PDT 2011

Perl Crew,

I have been called upon to try to do "OCR" on handwriting.

In particular, I need to convert a hand written name to ascii.  I could
provide a small .tif with just the name in it.

It came to mind that this might be a good use of mechanical turk.

I am sending this to the perl list because I seem to recall some of the
Mongers have worked with mechanical turk.

Here are my specific questions:
1) how long is typical turn around for a response?
2) Is this a reasonable task for Mechanical Turk.

I looked at the amazon website for HITs similar to what I am trying to do.
 I did not find any, but I question my ability to search completely.  The
closest I found was business card transcription.

You comments welcome.

Michael Potter
Replatform Technologies, LLC
+1 770 815 6142
michael at potter.name
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