[Chicago-talk] Active State and Strawberry

Clyde Forrester ccf3 at mindspring.com
Thu Mar 19 10:16:10 PDT 2009

The current benchmark is (implicitly) Windows-only. I take a Windows 
directory listing, and extract the information I need to create my own 
listing with file size, and full file name with drive and path. In this 
case the Windows listing is about 95 MB and the output is about 125 MB. 
(7 sec. in Strawberry, 7-8 in Active State, 9.5 in Python, 36 in Ruby). 
I then sort it down by file size and have another program which finds 
duplicate files. I have also tried VB, VC++, VC#, and VJ++, but I 
haven't been able to wrap my head around them. (My brain hurts!) Oh... I 
forgot about Java. I'll have to try that.

The benchmark I'm working on next counts nucleotide bases (A, C, G, T, 
and N) in a .fa (fasta) chromosome file. Maybe it's not all that useful, 
but it does some file I/O and some string processing on a fairly huge 
file (11-250 MB). Anything useful would probably build on that. So it 
allows me to do something fundamental in as many languages as I can 
think of, in Windows and Linux. And Cygwin, now that you mention it.

The point of the benchmarks is not just speed. It's also a test of 
capability and coding ease in a given language. It also teaches me many 
of the fundamental gotchas in each language. For example, I ran into a 
scoping glitch in Ruby. And, as mentioned above, Visual Studio appears 
to be the path of greatest resistance.

Other benchmarks I plan to try involve SQL, XML, GUI, and TCP/IP. Did I 
forget anything?


Warren Lindsey wrote:
> What's your benchmark? Do you plan test against perl on cygwin as well?
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> That worked real great.  Thanks, all.
> All indications are that Strawberry is just a touch faster than Active 
> State.
> (And both are a bit faster than Python on my benchmark, and way faster 
> than Ruby.)
> Clyde

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