[Chicago-talk] Active State and Strawberry

Clyde Forrester ccf3 at mindspring.com
Tue Mar 17 19:33:43 PDT 2009

Thanks for all the 'gotcha' warnings.
The first one I've been used to for some time.
The others are always good to know.
Ultimately, the solution will be migration to Linux.


Jason A. Crome wrote:
> Do pay attention to a couple of things though:
> - Windows ignores shebang lines, so don't count on them to run the
> version of the Perl compiler that you want.
> - If you have the mingw package installed with ActiveState, and you
> plan on Strawberry being the distribution of Perl you use most, make
> sure that Strawberry is in your path before ActiveState, otherwise the
> gcc that comes with ActiveState will get in the way of the one that
> ships with Strawberry.
> - You can only register the .pl file extension to one of the
> distributions.  Make sure it is set to the one you want.
> - If you are running Perl as a CGI under IIS, make sure that the
> distribution of Perl you prefer is set up properly under IIS.
> ActiveState will install itself as the default handler for Perl
> applications under IIS.  If you want to use Strawberry, you will have
> to make this change yourself.
> Other than that, the distributions themselves are self-contained.
> Just have some Windows-specific gotchas to watch out for.
> Good luck!
> Jason
> On Tue, Mar 17, 2009 at 4:45 PM, Jonathan Rockway
> <jon-chicagotalk at jrock.us> wrote:
>> * On Tue, Mar 17 2009, Clyde Forrester wrote:
>>> I have Active State Perl on my Windows XP Pro partition.
>>> I would like to add Strawberry Perl.
>>> I would like to be able to compare them.
>>> Will they co-exist or will they feud?
>> Strawberry is completely self-contained, so it shouldn't conflict with
>> anything.

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