[Chicago-talk] Perl on a Stick and/or Perl Polos

Joshua McAdams joshua.mcadams at gmail.com
Thu Jul 24 17:41:20 PDT 2008

If anyone wants "Perl on a Stick" or a black Perl logo'ed Polo, let me
know and I'll pick them up at OSCON for you.

Perl on a stick is a 1GB flash drive with the Perl logo on it and
Strawberry Perl inside.  TPF is selling these for $15.

The Polos are black with the Perl logo on the chest.  They are like
the white/gray ones that you see some of us wear from time to time.
These are selling for $25.

If you want either, let me know and I'll bring them with me if there
are any still available.  You can pay me back when I give you the


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