[Chicago-talk] Serving Web Services using Perl

Michael Potter michael at potter.name
Thu Jul 24 17:20:05 PDT 2008


Is there a module for serving web services using Perl.  That is,
without using Apache.

I know there are modules that implement web servers, so I suspect
there would be something that would serve web services.

The reason I want this is a way to prototype a web service for a
client as a way to get them to ok the actual implementation.

What I am hoping exists is similar to they way other frameworks work:
1) .wsdl is used as input to a command line tool
2) command line tool outputs a Perl module skeleton.
3) I fill in the skeleton with business logic.
4) plug .wsdl and .pm into framework.
5) ask customer to test to see if the web service suits their needs.

Michael Potter

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