[Chicago-talk] Fwd: Open Perl Training in Chicago, special deal for Windy City Perl Mongers

Joshua McAdams joshua.mcadams at gmail.com
Fri Nov 30 11:13:51 PST 2007

In case anyone is interested....

Stonehenge is offering open enrollment Perl training in
Chicago from Dec 10-14. This is the last call for this special
offer for Chicago Perl Mongers, which won't be available after
Sunday. Use up those end of year dollars!

This is a low cost offering, so Stonehenge will not be providing
meals or laptops. The location has plenty of nearby restaurants and
you need to bring your own computer. I'll have complete details later
this week---this is a special pre-announcement offering!

Here are the public rates, and the rates I'll give for Chicago Perl
Mongers people. I can take a credit card or a purchase order. If you
or your company are interested in this, contact me right away. I can't
reserve seats without a payment arrangement, and it's first-pay first
served. There are only 20 slots per class. Companies that want to send
several students can ask for a deeper discount.

Day courses, 8am to 4pm
Learning Perl, Dec 10-12,       $750/person  --> $700 for WindyCity.pm
Intermediate Perl, Dec 13-15, $500/person  --> $450 for WindyCity.pm

Night courses, 6pm to 9pm
Catalyst, Dec 10-12,                          $375/person  --> $325
for WindyCity.pm
Test Driven Development, Dec 13-14, $250/person  --> $200 for WindyCity.pm

brian d foy <brian.d.foy at gmail.com>

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