[Chicago-talk] Perl, Layout and SVG

Mike Ferrari mikeferrari8 at yahoo.com
Mon Nov 12 07:42:29 PST 2007

I was wondering, i am creating a small script to parse some network switch
config files and generate an SVG diagram .. visual representation  ... of
the switch port config.. so far i have a nice square with a bunch of little
squares inside of it.

I am running into a mess with the layout. Its getting very complex, i've had
to resort to creating a grid style system where everything is anchored to a
spot on the grid about 10 pixels apart.. keeping track of what goes where is
getting to be a pain..

Is there any module or tool out there that can handle the layout for me?
something like Graphviz? I had considered using Graphviz but i couldnt get
the output to look like i wanted so i opted just to create straight svg

Am i gonna have to just bite the bullet and make do with what i can for now?

Thanks for any ideas you may have..

Mike Ferrari


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