[Chicago-talk] Editing, altering, manipulating PDFs

Elias Lutfallah eli at mortgagefolder.com
Tue Mar 27 18:34:05 PDT 2007

Yeah, the docs are pretty bad. Also, I should have sent you to PDF::API2,
not Lite. Near as I can tell, Lite is just for creating PDF from scratch,
not modifying existing ones.

The real meat of the docs for PDF::API2 is in PDF::API2::Content and

Here's a bump, to get you past the grueling docs:

# open a pdf
my $pdf  = PDF::API2->open('/path/to/pdf');

# get the first page
my $page = $pdf->openpage('1');

# get the gfx object
my $gfx  = $page->gfx;

# setup the image
my $image_file = $pdf->image_jpeg('/path/to/image');

# plot the image at 50,700
$gfx->image($image_file, 50, 700);

# set the font to use
my $font = $pdf->corefont('Helvetica');

# plot some text at (275,125), 25 pixels high
$gfx->textlabel(275,125,$font, 25, 'Text goes here');

# convert pdf to a string; this keeps your original pdf intact if you
# need to use it again with different data
my $new_pdf = $pdf->stringify;

# close the pdf

At this point you can open a filehandle and save the new pdf ($new_pdf)
wherever you want.

The x,y coords for plotting start at the bottom left corner.

There are methods to save your modifications back to the original pdf, but
I haven't used these.

>> PDF::API2::Lite
>> You can open a pdf, add text to it, add images to it, and save the
>> resulting pdf.
>> --
>> Elias Lutfallah
>> Chief Technology Officer
>> Mortgage Desk, Inc.
> Thanks Eli, I looked at the module and I can't make heads or tails of
> it.  There is almost no documentation outside of the method names.
> Could you give me an example of how to add an image to an existing PDF?
> Thanks
> Jay
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