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elite elite fasteliteprogrammer at yahoo.com
Thu Mar 8 12:07:18 PST 2007

I been readng about perl programming and learn perl so
 far.Only prob that i have is that all i have is linux
on my laptops but no window os.

Fun part is learning how to hack with perl:)

Are there any good plugin for vim that can be use with


com> wrote:

> I think the poor guys brain is going to pop with
> that one ;-)
> But yes, it is difficult to write a single perl
> program and have it 
> truly cross platform.
> I think the best way to get started is reading the
> various books people 
> have mentioned and getting a windows box loaded with
> Active State's perl 
> and a linux box and start hacking.
> I learned perl by coding, as I think most people
> did, so I always 
> advocate jumping right in and giving it a try.
> One of the many things I love about perl is that you
> dont have to 
> compile it and you can test every little change
> right as you are making 
> it.  Really friendly to rapid learning and
> development.
> Steven Lembark wrote:
> >> But the key is you don't have to compile it to
> run it on Linux.  I
> >> think the original poster doesn't realize that
> you don't have to
> >> compile it.
> > 
> > Actually, Perl is a compiled language: always has
> been.
> > The perl executable performs the compile
> automatically
> > as part of running the code (sort of like gcc
> calling
> > the assembler for you to create object files).
> That
> > provides the portability between systems (source
> is the
> > only thing that has to be moved). It's also why
> calling
> > Perl an "interpreter" is incorrect: the execution
> > engine doesn't have to re-interpret the source as,
> say,
> > a shell program would be.
> > 
> > Beyond the code itself, however, many functins
> within
> > Perl are rather specific to *NIX. The password and
> > group lookups return a gecos filed, for example,
> that
> > has nada to do with msdog or VMS.
> > 
> > The O'Reilly perl for SysAdmins book gives a good
> > look at writing cross-platform coding (e.g., using
> > File::Spec instead of join '/', @dirz, $basename).
> > 
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