[Chicago-talk] PDF Interactive Fields

Elias Lutfallah eli at mortgagefolder.com
Mon Mar 5 22:45:02 PST 2007


I'm trying to populate the interactive fields in a PDF. I'm currently
using PDF::API2 to modify my docs before clients can download them, which
means that I have to maintain 2 versions of each pdf: one with the
interactive form fields so they can just download the blank form and reuse
it, and the other without interactive form fields that the server fills
out for them from the DB.

I can't seem to figure out if PDF::API2 has any support for them.

I've tried CAM::PDF, but that doesn't seem to fill out the fields for me

Has anyone done this before that can point me in a direction?



Elias Lutfallah
Chief Technology Officer
Mortgage Desk, Inc.

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