[Chicago-talk] February is the Dynamic Language Hootenanny, in both city and suburbs

Andy Lester andy at petdance.com
Tue Jan 30 21:02:59 PST 2007

Chris McAvoy will be rounding up the big four dynamic languages in a  
rootin'-tootin' look at what's what in the world of Perl, PHP, Python  
and Ruby.  Is PHP just for script-slinging marketdroids?  Do Python's  
whitespace rules really suck as much as you'd think?  Is Ruby more  
than Rails?  And what's up with Perl 6 anyway?

Chris promises to make this a no-BS, no-bashing, honest look at the  
strengths and weaknesses of each of these languages.  Come with an  
open mind and we'll explore the limitless frontiers of awesome  

Chris will be presenting both in the city and the suburbs this month:

* in Wheaton at IIT Rice campus on Feb 13, 2007

* in the city at Performics on Feb 27, 2007

Come on out and learn some new tricks!

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