[Chicago-talk] REMINDER: August 14, 2007: Perl Unit and Functional Testing

Pete Krawczyk mongers at bsod.net
Mon Aug 13 08:47:05 PDT 2007

               Chicago Perl Mongers / UniForum Meeting Announcement
       Topic: Perl Unit and Functional Testing
   Presenter: Kent Cowgill
   Date/Time: Tuesday, August 14th, 2007, 7:00 PM
    Location: IIT-Rice Campus, 201 East Loop Rd, Wheaton, IL
   Afterward: Dinner at CozyMel's <http://www.cozymels.com/store_wheaton.htm>

Kent will be talking about getting started with unit and functional 
testing using everyone's favorite language, Perl.

Additionally, he will talk about code quality, test coverage, and making
things a lot easier on the person doing the testing using a Makefile.

Finally, Kent will talk about how he used Test::Harness to create a custom
test module in order to be able to unit test the code in use at his job,
which is a template framework that combines perl code with HTML, making
traditional unit testing rather difficult.

Kent Cowgill has been a Perl programmer and system administrator for over 
a dozen years.  Recently, he's written a large test suite for a legacy 
system, using reverse engineering, namespace manipulation and several Perl 
modules (such as Test::MockObject, Devel::Cover and HTML::Lint).

As with all Chicago Perl Mongers meetings, everyone is welcome,
whether or not you consider yourself a member. We look forward to
seeing you there!

Questions about this meeting?  Ask on the chicago-talk at pm.org mailing
list, or send email to andy at petdance dot com.  You can also see a list
of past and upcoming meetings at http://chicago.pm.org/meetings/.

-Pete K
Pete Krawczyk
     Chicago Perl Mongers
     mongers at bsod dot net

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