[Chicago-talk] perl-support prob

Elliot Shank chicago.pm at galumph.com
Sun Aug 5 21:14:18 PDT 2007

Craig Petty wrote:
> I have prob after i install perl-support.zip i will
> not list any of the perl modules for some reason any idea?

I'm assuming that you're talking about the Vim plugin at http://www.vim.org/scripts/script.php?script_id=556.  Have you contacted the author?

But, as the esteemed Mr. Rockway stated, first figure out the details.

1. What is your goal?
2. What actions are you taking to achieve said goal?
3. What do you expect the results of those actions to be?
4. What are the results that you're actually seeing?
5. What work-arounds have your tried?
6. What have the results of those been?
7. Which parts of the documentation have you looked at?  There's a lot there.  (There's a short troubleshooting section at the end-- does any of it apply to your situation?)
8. Which version of Vim are you using?  Which version of which OS are you running it on?  Which version of perl-support are you using?

Gather all that information together and then contact the author.

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