[Chicago-talk] Shortening a module name

Jay Strauss me at heyjay.com
Mon Feb 20 14:54:55 PST 2006

> Why don't you want to do it that way? It's easy to understand, doesn't
> require any magic, and the user doesn't have to see it. :)

The syntax seems non-standard, and I'm just worried about having to 
continually add new stubs as the vendor rolls out new functionality.

> You can make a contract part of the TWS object (whatever that is)
> using a has-a relationship.  In Finance::InteractiveBrokers::TWS, you
> have a contract() method that returns the contract object. That then
> allows you to do the method chaining that you want.

I don't think I follow you here.  The main thing the user needs to do is ->new 
these objects.  Are you saying somehow return the class that can be new'd?  
If so will you show me a code example?


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