[Chicago-talk] is there a perl which?

Steven Lembark lembark at wrkhors.com
Wed Feb 8 07:30:04 PST 2006

-- Jay Strauss <me at heyjay.com>

> On Wednesday 08 February 2006 12:25 am, Andy Lester wrote:
>> > Is there a function in Perl analygous to the Unix 'which', for
>> > saying where in
>> > the @INC it will find a package?
>> Before it finds it?  Not that I know of.  But after it's loaded, yes,
>> you look in %INC.
> I like your way better.  I forgot about %INC.  

For methods or derived modules the "can" operator 
returns a coderef that can be converted into the 
source module and line number:

    my $subref = __PACKAGE__->can( 'frobnicate' );

    my $subref = $pkg_name->can( $method );

    my $subref = $blessed->can( $name );

can all be traced back to the source module and line

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