[Chicago-talk] Next YAPC::NA 2006 planning meeting?

José Castro jac at natura.di.uminho.pt
Tue Nov 22 02:53:25 PST 2005

* Joshua McAdams (joshua.mcadams at gmail.com) wrote:
> > When are we getting together again?
> I'm pretty tied up except for Friday and Sunday... possibly one of those days.
> At the next meeting I'd like to finalize dates for the call for
> papers, opening of registration, and price-hike of registration.  We
> need to get some content on the website, as well as, some wikis.

Hi, guys.

You may or may not know this already, so I'll say it anyway:

 * when schedulling things like the date for the CPF, the deadline for
   talk proposals, the deadline for this or that, always schedulle
   those in a way that if you have to slide them one or two weeks
   it won't be a big problem

Even if you think everything will go smoothly, it won't.

As an example, the server hosting YAPC::EU::2005 went down during the
three days surrounding the deadline for talk proposals, and no one was
able to reach if physically and solve the problem.

We ended up moving that deadline about one week, so that people could
still make their proposals.

Fortunately, somebody had already told us we should schedulle things
this way, so even with all the moving of dates that we just couldn't
control, we managed to get everything ready ahead of time.

Had we schedulled things thinking that everything would work out OK...
I think we'd probably be hosting the conference next week or so O:-)



Jose Alves de Castro <cog at cpan.org>

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