[Chicago-talk] MS langs get query language

Jonathan Steinert hachi at kuiki.net
Tue Nov 15 09:10:19 PST 2005

A quick look on search.cpan.org and I've got at least a starting module
for this...


I can't say how well it works, but it's been there since May of 2000.

People have gone so far as to create DBD::Google (and I'm sure there's
more beyond that) to do SQL-like querying... so it would have been
rather strange if we didn't have this sort of thing in perl already.


Jay Strauss wrote:

>On Monday 14 November 2005 5:41 pm, Steven Lembark wrote:
>>i.e., sort of like the existing DBIx modules with anon
>Can you do this in Perl?  With an in memory structure, not by setting up some 
>sqllite db.
>How?  I've often wished I could set up some sort of in memory table and 
>perform SQL upon it.
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