[Chicago-talk] MS langs get query language

Steven Lembark lembark at wrkhors.com
Mon Nov 14 15:41:05 PST 2005

> For those of you fluent in languages like Scheme, the new query syntax
> is built on lambda expressions, which have been added to C# 3.0 and
> Visual Basic 9.0. If you're not already familiar with lambda
> expressions, they're like anonymous methods, only you can pass the
> functions around as arguments to other functions. At the
> implementation level, lambda expressions can be compiled as either
> code or data.

i.e., sort of like the existing DBIx modules with anon
> This seems surprisingly tame - am I missin something?

No. It's just such a pain to get ANYthing done in these 
languates (or Java) that when it happens people get
Really Excited(tm) and talk about how wonnerful it
is that their language got the new, tame feature. Un-
fortunately, Perl doesn't have a marketing budget so 
there aren't people in the various media explaining
that we've been there/done that, and, by the way, have
you seed what we've done since?

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