[Chicago-talk] linked list of object

Mike Fragassi frag at ripco.com
Wed Nov 9 13:24:43 PST 2005

On Wed, 9 Nov 2005 Andy_Bach at wiwb.uscourts.gov wrote:

> "Reality is that which, when you don't believe in it, doesn't
> go away." Peter Viereck

Ahem.  s/Peter Viereck/Philip K. Dick/

> 2nd ... etc.  Just wondering if this *not* a good idea or what a way to
> examine the memory overhead.

This works, if no other variables are referring to any individual node in
the list; then you're stuck with the subtree from that point.  (See the
caveats in the XML::XPath man page, for instance.)

-- Mike F.

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