[Chicago-talk] What exactly is a "Application Framework"

Jim Thomason thomasoniii at gmail.com
Tue Mar 29 06:37:58 PST 2005

>Jim mentioned Basset get compared with CDBI a lot, but I wouldn't
call CDBI a application
> framework.  TT and Mason I'd call templating engines, good a generating
> forms (web or paper) based on variables and input.  Maypole too

For the record, I detest the comparison to CDBI. It comes about from
people looking at the persistent object class and then saying, "Oh,
this is just what CDBI does. Use that." And it's a silly argument
since Basset provides much more functionality, but that's the bit
people focus on, for some reason.

Otherwise, yeah, what JT said sounds good. For the record, Basset also
has modules for sessions, security, data input, users, etc., but I
haven't deployed those in the distro simply because that then ties the
user into particular tables, structures, databases, etc., and I wasn't
sure I wanted to do that. Those bits are up on the website.

Actually, on that note, what do you guys think of bundling that
functionality in? Do you think people would generally want to look at
it and say, "Okay, I need to set up tables x, y, and z this way to get
this stuff." Or do you think they'd rather grab the modules later,
then use their guts to build their own version?


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