[Chicago-talk] Basset on CPAN

Jim Thomason thomasoniii at gmail.com
Sat Mar 26 13:11:45 PST 2005

For those of you that might've been interested, I've finally gotten
off of my duff and uploaded my Basset framework onto CPAN (at least,
the core stuff. More modules are on http://www.bassetsoftware.com/)

Basset is the OO framework that I've been developing for the past 2
years or so (with bits of it being around 6 years old, by this point),
so it's reasonably established. I open sourced it last year, but never
got around to putting it on CPAN, mainly since I wanted a better
installer. I still need a better installer, but I figured that since I
haven't done it yet, I wasn't gonna do it any time soon, so I bit the
bullet and released it as is.  Just means that you need to manage the
conf file location by hand, really. I'll actually make a prettier
configulator at some point. Honest.

Please do kick the tires.


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