[Chicago-talk] HTML is just java script, not the data that you get by manually browsing

Steven Lembark lembark at jeeves.wrkhors.com
Mon Jun 7 01:04:03 CDT 2004

> You can't.

Ack, such un-perlishness. At the next meeting you must write
"Search CPAN" on the board 100 times. There's gotta be some
sort of hook somewere in Mechanize that allows the caller to
process some of the data for themselves, no?


Good places to start might be:

	Perl extension for executing embedded JavaScript
	JavaScript-0.52 - 11 Aug 2001 - Claes Jacobsson

	Perl interface to the JavaScript Engine
	JavaScript-SpiderMonkey-0.08 - 20 Feb 2004 - Michael Schilli

	Collection of JavaScript Tools.
	JavaScript-Toolbox-0.01 - 04 Aug 2002 - Stéphane Peiry

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