[Chicago-talk] HTML is just java script, not the data that you get by manually browsing

Richard Solberg flateyjarbok at yahoo.com
Fri Jun 4 10:51:55 CDT 2004


I am using WWW::Mechanize to pull web pages and to get
to the final page that I would like by linking or
forms submitting. Been working fine in most cases.

I have one case where the data I get has some
javascript but the data content I would like to pull
(and is on the page when you view manually using a
browser) is absent.  

Has anyone found out how to get the final page display
data to a perl program in this type of case? This just
gives me the Java and some HTML

print  MYOUTFILE2 $m->content();

Is there some general way that I can interact with the
javascript to get the final result?

Any help appreciated.

Richard Solberg

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