[Chicago-talk] OT: gear for sale

jason scott gessner jason at multiply.org
Wed Jul 14 12:06:32 CDT 2004

Hi all.

Going to post this machine up to ebay if no one else is interested, but 
i figured i would rather have it go to someone i know than a stranger.

I have a Quantum Snap Server M4100 with 4 IBM DeskStar 60GB drives in 
it (the drives can be taken out and replaced with other drives.  The 
current setup is raid 5 and gives me ~ 170 GB of usable space).  This 
is a SAN device, so it has a power plug and ethernet jack in the back 
and supports AppleTalk, Samba, NFS web and ftp (i think, not sure on 
the ftp).

If anyone is interested, email me off the list with an offer.

-jason scott gessner
     jason at multiply.org

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