[Chicago-talk] Data::Form::Elements

jason scott gessner jason at multiply.org
Tue Jul 6 13:58:20 CDT 2004

Hi All.

Unfortunately, i am not going to be able to make it to the meeting 
tonight.  :(  I am bummed, but i am also under deadline pressure.  Feh.

BUT, i have released the module i was going to give the lightning talk 
about to the CPAN today.  It should show up in a while, but you can get 
the goods straight from me in the meantime.


Basically, Data::Form::Elements is an OO wrapper around 
Data::FormValidator that gives you a form object with paramaters and 
validation.  The docs in the POD are pretty clear, but here is a short 

	use Data::Form::Elements;

            my $form = Data::Form::Elements->new();

            # add a couple elements
            $form->add_element( "username", {
                required => 1, errmsg => "Please provide your username." 
} );
            $form->add_element( "password", {
                required => 1, errmsg => "Please provide your password." 
} );


            $form->validate( %ARGS );

            if ( $form->is_valid() ) {
                # continue logging on ...

I would appreciate any feedback, bug reports ,etc.


-jason scott gessner
     jason at multiply.org

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