[Banking-pm] FIX: Financial Information eXchange

Alex McLintock alex at owal.co.uk
Sat Dec 2 02:49:12 PST 2006

 > Anyway, does anyone know of any existing modular Perl implementations 
of the FIX messaging protocol or the associated FIXML markup?

I would have assumed that FIX is so large that any generic 
implementation of it is likely to be incomplete. Is it not just an XML 
where you can create your own SAX handlers when specific messages come 
through that you are interested in?

 > I need to monitor some FIX communications with Perl and I'd like to 
avoid reinventing the wheel.

Aha - you need to monitor it - so presumably you need everything.... 
Hmmmm. Do you need to actually understand the entire FIX protocol?
Can you not just say "I have received this type of message" and leave it 
at that?


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