[Aberdeen-pm] User Levels for blog at http://www.perl.me.uk

Gavin Henry ghenry at perl.me.uk
Sun Apr 3 11:28:20 PDT 2005

Dear all,

For those users that I have added and for future blog users of perl.me.uk, you 
are all created at User Level 5:



 User Level 5

    * Write
          o Write Post
          o Write Page 
    * Manage
          o Posts
          o Pages - Only those Pages written by the User and Users of a lower 
User Level appear.
          o Categories.
          o Comments
          o Awaiting Moderation 
    * Links
          o Manage Links - Can only edit/delete the User's own links.
          o Add Links
          o Link Categories - Fully editable.
          o Import Links 
    * Users
          o Your Profile
          o Authors & Users - Can see basic information on all Users. Can see 
and edit all information on users of lower User Level. 

Can edit timestamps. 

Please be kind and do not abuse these privilages.


P.S. Please all join http://perlmonks.org

I am:


Just getting into the best language ever...
Fancy a yourname at perl.me.uk or something 
on http://www.perl.me.uk Just ask!!!

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